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If you want...

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PostPosted: Jun 29, 2011 7:35pm    Post subject: If you want... Reply with quote

NOTICE: I understand I put this in the wrong section, can someone with privileges please move it to the correct section. Sorry for the troubles.

Well, I should start from the beginning for this to make a bit more sense but I encourage you all to either read through all of it by skimming, paying attention or just skipping to the bottom.

Nearly 4 years I started a very niche specific community which I was extraordinarily interested in. I was knowledgeable in it, known for it, you name it. It was my thing.

This community grew into something beautiful which to this day I am a proud of for it's success and intelligent, great users it attracted which I consider myself friends with. Though as of lately, I have found myself rather bored my the same old conversations still going on but ever so slightly different.

I tried broading our niche a bit more to include more variety but my attempts failed for a few reasons and in the end I stopped trying to push that on as it wouldn't be fair to the users.

I want something new, something different, something that makes me earn to learn again like it did back when I first started it all.

And for that, I want to partake in a new community/network., one with a different niche, one I can call my own but not necessarily own it/ administrate it.

I want to work on something that as I've read people in this category come and offer/request a co-admin that wants to start a new network, etc. I don't necessarily want that.

But I will be offering all my services to a community(s)/network(s) as just a regular user/member or if requested, something more.

This includes but is not limited to quite a few things such as, offering servers from home and in datacenters. knowledge of running and maintaining a server(s) and network(s) (I won't list anything specific on it but feel free to ask more!) as well as experience with various IRCd's and Services (after all, this in mostly an IRC related website) and plenty more but don't want to consume any more space on it, but do feel free to pm me for more info.

Once again, I am NOT looking for a staff/adminstrative position on any community or network. I'm merely looking for a new place to call my own where I'm free to learn something new and offer what knowledge I've managed to pick up over the years. I'd like to come into a community which is mostly starting out and has nice goals and help it grow from the ground up, be a part of that great feeling of helping others wherever I can and they appreciate it and putting time and effort into helping something flourish into another thing I can be proud of by it's excellent success and great environment we've all created cumulatively.

I'm open to any ideas anyone is willing to try out but has never had the resources or knowledge to go through with it. I'll help your community grow, I'll help create a community with you, i'll do what must be done to be a part of a great group of people I can call my friends who I've never and probably will never meet in real life. That's what I'm looking for here, and as I see lots of new/struggling networks listed here, I'm hoping someone will be interested in what I'm willing to bring to the table.

That is all.


contact me through pm if interested and we'll discuss this a bit more as well as a better place to communicate.
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PostPosted: Jun 29, 2011 10:22pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Denzin, I have sent you a message as I might be able to use you. Thanks.
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