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Featured IRC network, SomeNet



SomeNet advocates the inalienable human right to privacy and will therefore never do serverside logging (except OPER logins and SERVER errors).
IRC and especially SomeNet stands for data security and privacy and is an ideological alternative to the most IM-Providers and social networks, which gather personal data, (click)profiles and other data about their users and sell them to others. (always read their Eula :P)
No data will ever be sold to anyone - as they are not even gathered!


When connecting to someNet, your IP-address/Hostname is being obfuscated (hashed).
This is a neat security feature, as you can be uniquely identified while keeping information on your IP-address/Hostname safe.
SomeNet also offers SSL-Encrypted IRC for people with enhanced security desire.
Nickserv offers a way to register your nick, so others cannot pretend being you.
In combination with Chanserv, your Channels on SomeNet are practically safe from being taken over.


SomeNet is funded by (Google)Ads only - we do NOT accept donations and we do NOT sell any data/information.
Also please remember to only click on ads you are interested into - clicking on ads just in order to support us can get us banned from Adsense.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome to use out network as long as he goes by the rules at the bottom of this page.
Feel free to start your own channel on somenet.

Opers and Server-Links

SomeNet has a one Oper/Server rule. We do not think that giving OPER to other ppl it good for a network. OPERs are just here to keep stuff running and NOT for any status!
As same with Servers: We do not accept new Links unless needed. We can host up tp 5000 paralell connections atm. As long as there are not above 2500 users simultanously online, we do not need another server.


These simple rules applies to every user and every channel on SomeNet.
These rules may change any time. Please make sure you know the actual version.
If you do not fully agree with these rules, do not connect to the IRC-Network!

Keep it legal

Keep the communication legal. We do not want Child Porn, nacism, or other shit on SomeNet!

Use your brain

As SomeNet is a small network, we do not need tight rules, just use your brain to determine what is ok and what is not!

Chans: 25
Users: 53 (Avg: 55.40)
Servers: 5
Rank: #466

Top 5 chans
#tuwien (22)
#fsinf (13)
#idlerpg (6)
#irpg (5)
#digfor (4)

Posted by Jason on Sep 13, 2006 at 11:26pm

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