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Largest 5 channels / users (1137)
#leagueoflegends (397)
#eclypsia (390)
#brainlag (296)
#quakelive (245)

QuakeNet currently has 35,905 users in 29,285 channels.
QuakeNet's Services

QuakeNet has no NickServ, but does allow users to register to the network via Q. This allows access to QuakeNet services, as well as the ability to hide your IP address (with a host, where AUTH is the name of your network account). This account, created when you register, is known as a Q account.

Q also acts as a channel service bot. It has facilities such as topic and ban enforcing, auto limits, and so on. The main function, however, is to protect your channel and allow it to be recovered in the event somebody takes it over.

Finally, QuakeNet provides an anti-spam bot called S. This is only available to very large channels, and acts to reduce spam.

QuakeNet currently has 35,905 users in 29,285 channels.
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