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Largest 5 channels / users
#Lobby (23)
#ArabChat (19)
#Help (6)
#vhost (4)
#commands (3)

Join2Chat currently has 96 users in 12 channels.
Displaying Join2Chat's network ranking
Join2Chat ranks #283 out of 4,280 IRC networks indexed on SearchIRC, with 92 average users over the last week.

User data is stored for the last week, and the average user count determines network rank. The network rank is updated every hour. The lower a network rank, the higher it stands. #1 is the largest IRC network.

Join2Chat currently ranks higher than 93.41% of the IRC networks listed on SearchIRC, with 0.017% of the total IRC population.

Ties: In the rare event of two or more networks having the same average score, the tie is broken by taking into account network freshness ratings (how recently SearchIRC has connected to the given network). If that is also a tie, we then fall back and rank the tied networks alphabetically. Just keep in mind that a tie will be extremely rare, and a tie on freshness even more rare :)


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Join2Chat currently has 96 users in 12 channels.
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