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When last indexed, waac929 had 157 users in 34 channels.

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NOTE: This network does not appear to be currently indexed by SearchIRC. Possible reasons include: Network has been disbanded, SearchIRC index robots have been banned, SearchIRC index robots have been unable to connect to the network, or the network was recently added and has yet to undergo the nightly update process.

The last error received from the network was:
socket_connect() failed: Host name lookup failure to

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21 channels
No profanity

Waac929 is  based off  a  real  time  Radio station  call Waac92 or  WaacC93 , its  a  local  country  station from  the  south. We  are  a   chat  server  and  shoutcast  radio.
welcome to Waac929 NetWork, all of you enjoy our chat network and be  part of our family. We have a friendly staff that will do their best to make  your chat enjoyable.. We all hope that you invite your friends and family to  join you on our network. Thank you and Enjoy from: waac929 Staff.

waac929 provides all the resources you need to integrate a webchat on your site. You can choose between a Java or IRC based enviroment. Our main focus is to provide a nice enviroment for you to chat on. Webchats can look as easy as a single button on your site and us providing the enviroment your users will use to chat. Below you see an example of a webchat button as generated by our Webchat code generator Want to chat with us right now or got questions/comments ? Simply enter a nickname to use and click on the "Chat" button.

Welcome to waac929 IRC-Web Chat. This waac929 service was designed to allow People an easy way onto the waac929 IRC Network by a standard web browser. This tool is freely open to use as long as you follow proper rules and etiquette pertaining to the waac929 servers. This tool may also be handy for furs on the road who wish to access IRC

Program usage: "waac929 IRC-Web Chat"! is a Java based IRC client. Thus it should run on any modern operating system supporting Java. To start, select a "Nick" name of up to 8 characters you wish to use in the chat room and click 'Chat Now' button. Be patient while your java client loads. Some operating systems will request permission for this java client to run. If so, grant approval to run this client.

This network's information is currently being provided by: calypso, The`White`Raven, The`White`Raven


When last indexed, waac929 had 157 users in 34 channels.
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