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When last indexed, ThunderCity had 81 users in 14 channels.

ThunderCity stats week view. Click to view monthly stats
NOTE: This network does not appear to be currently indexed by SearchIRC. Possible reasons include: Network has been disbanded, SearchIRC index robots have been banned, SearchIRC index robots have been unable to connect to the network, or the network was recently added and has yet to undergo the nightly update process.

The last error received from the network was:
socket_connect() failed: Connection timed out to

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10 channels
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  Established in June, 2003, Thundercity was started with the objective of providing users with a high quality IRC net and friendly, qualified staff. At present, we are a small but growing network with users of all ages and nationalities.. making it a 'global' community. Our staff of IRCops and HelpOps are there to ensure that our users have a hassle-free, enjoyable chat facility. There are established rules governing the behaviour of our staff and we try to maintain an equal balance of male and female opers. We welcome users from all chat environments whether they are long-time IRC users or complete newcomers.

Some recommended channels:

#thundercity - our main network channel. Our staff can always be found here. A good place for new users to get to know not only staff but other users.

#help - our network help channel. Users with specific questions on any aspect of the network can get help from our staff of qualified HelpOps and IRCops on anything from registering an account or channel to how to navigate from channel to channel. #help is run by HTeam - our network's Help Team (formerly HCom). Formed to facilitate the ongoing training of all Admins, IRCops and HelpOps with the aim of providing our users with a friendly, helpful and welcoming environment.

For all other info regarding Thundercity please visit our website at Our Acceptable User Policy (AUP) can be found there along with an easy to use Java client for those who wish to use it.
Thundercity is known for it's trivia channels, like #mads, #triviaworld and #exp-triv
Our EU irc RR is:
Our US irc RR is:
Others please use
This network's information is currently being provided by: pberetta, richarddejong, JenW


When last indexed, ThunderCity had 81 users in 14 channels.
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