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Largest 5 channels / users
#G7 (118)
#idiots-club (47)
#gunblogger_conspira.. (31)
#vc (30)
#codelove (26)

SlashNET currently has 1,606 users in 568 channels.
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  So, what's this place all about? What sets us apart?

It's simple. Unlike other nets, we take a "hands-off" approach to administration. What that means is that, unless something breaks, our operators are just regular users with a status flag next to their nicknames. That's all, really. No buzzwords.

It's just plain silly for IRC networks to have "mission statements", "directives", "charters", "catalysts", "philosophies", and the like, so we don't bother. What's the point in overthinking something if it already works to everyone's satisfaction? Our "mission" is to keep the servers running happy.

The network is run entirely by volunteers. We don't accept monetary contributions at this time. If you're thinking of donating, we ask that you give to the charity of your choice.

This network's information is currently being provided by: Gullie


SlashNET currently has 1,606 users in 568 channels.
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