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Neoturbine.NET currently has 31 users in 8 channels.

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Neoturbine is either mostly about the IRC channel, or mostly about a picnic to which even non-members are invited.  Please take look at our IRC Tutorial if you are new!

Every summer we have a network conference in the Chicagoland area called NeoCon (Neoturbine Conference). It gives us a chance to hang out and BBQ outside of IRC.

According to our robot, Lucy, Neoturbine is:

  • a mystery [linolium: 313d,18h,16m,4s ago] id=15762
  • an oasis [sahal`: 333d,5h,57m,41s ago] id=13888 forgot=0
  • the only place where you ask "what the hell am i doing here?" [sahal: 164d,8h,59m,15s ago] id=28914 forgot=0
  • the last refuge of nice people online [echoline: 106d,19m,22s ago] id=31045 forgot=0
  • a group of skilled and talented individuals who share a common [sargas: 852d,21m,11s ago] id=8439 forgot=0
  • a cat stuffed inside a plastic hat in a rocket headed for mars [ele7en: 254d,23h,34m,49s ago] id=23939 forgot=0
  • a real network [echoline: 1091d,7h,5m,18s ago] id=2081 forgot=0
  • not like a box of chocolates, rather it is like a box of hand granades with pins removed [sahal: 254d,23h,40m,28s ago] id=23940 forgot=0
  • where everyone knows your name [eric: 134d,16h,44m,25s ago] id=29353 forgot=0
  • older than time [echoline: 369d,9h,47m,53s ago] id=11167 forgot=0
  • all htns has though [Master_Tr4vluk3: 314d,2h,47m,38s ago] id=15628 forgot=0
  • being over run by the federals [MasterTr4vluk3: 338d,9m,33s ago] id=13445 forgot=0
  • so stable [eric: 99d,51m,53s ago] id=31739 forgot=0
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Neoturbine.NET currently has 31 users in 8 channels.
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