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When last indexed, IRCNet had 44,163 users in 26,319 channels.

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NOTE: This network does not appear to be currently indexed by SearchIRC. Possible reasons include: Network has been disbanded, SearchIRC index robots have been banned, SearchIRC index robots have been unable to connect to the network, or the network was recently added and has yet to undergo the nightly update process.

Nick length: 
5,700 channels

IRCnet is one of the largest IRC networks in the world. Originally formed as a major split off of EFnet, IRCnet continues the parent network's philosophy of minimal involvement. Channels are not owned on IRCnet. Their philosophy is, a channel is a dynamic structure - something that enables you to chat with multiple persons at the same time, they are not something anyone can posses. Therefor there will never be channel registration on IRCnet.

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When last indexed, IRCNet had 44,163 users in 26,319 channels.
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