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When last indexed, freenode had 95,194 users in 52,361 channels.

freenode stats week view. Click to view monthly stats
NOTE: This network does not appear to be currently indexed by SearchIRC. Possible reasons include: Network has been disbanded, SearchIRC index robots have been banned, SearchIRC index robots have been unable to connect to the network, or the network was recently added and has yet to undergo the nightly update process.

Nick length: 
16,884 channels
Channel service
Nickname service
  freenode is a special purpose network created to provide a friendly and efficient interactive platform for the coordination and support of peer-directed projects, including those relating to Free and Open Source Software ("FOSS"). freenode is not a general chat network and should not be used for that purpose. For more information, please see the main page for freenode and the network faq page.
This network's information is currently being provided by: levin


When last indexed, freenode had 95,194 users in 52,361 channels.
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