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Largest 5 channels / users
#fw (391)
#football (324)
#efnet2 (287)
#maryjane (270)
#iphone (265)

EFnet currently has 25,938 users in 13,599 channels.

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Nick length: 
8,670 channels
  EFNet is not only the oldest IRC network still in operation, but also one of the largest.

EFnet still retains the flavor of the early days of IRC - no central management and minimal involvement by the administrators and IRC ops, who take little notice of what goes on within the network. Efnet predates network services. Undernet and DALnet spawned from EFnet with the idea of providing users with services that EFnet "lacked" - but sheer numbers prove that users not only could live without channel service bots, nick registration and oper services, but with experience and patience, even preferred to operate in the high drama of EFnet's "wild west" environment. However, with such services now standard on all new networks, and expected by new users, EFnet tried to compromise by coming up with a pseudo-chanserv called CHANFIX which effectively helps large, stable channels deal with occasional opless or takeover problems.

EFnet is for the experienced user.

Help channels:

#dmsetup - Virus/Trojan help channel
This network's information is currently being provided by: seiki, hardy


EFnet currently has 25,938 users in 13,599 channels.
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