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When last indexed, ChatVilla had 34 users in 9 channels.
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- Welcome to the ChatSurge/ChatVilla Internet Relay Chat network [IRCX/pyRCX]
-   Important ChatSurge Rules and Guidelines:
- 1) No spamming or advertising in ANY way, you may consider this your first and only warning.
- 2) No flooding or mass messaging of ANY kind.
- 3) No harassing or fighting. Please treat users like you would like to be treated.
- 4) No illegal activies by any means whatsoever. Example: bots, proxies, etc.
-   Privacy Agreement with [VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ]
- By connecting to the ChatSurge network, you hearby agree to the following:
- You shall not endorse hacking. You shall not put anyone's, including your own,
- ONLINE and OFFLINE safety at risk; this means that YOU agree NOT to give out
- personal information you have on other users. Such information is described as,
- but not limited to: Telephone Numbers, Addresses (internet or physical), Social Security
- Numbers, or other means of personal identification. You also agree that you take
- responsibility for your own actions, and that YOUR INTERNET PROTOCOL ADDRESS (IP)
- is to be kept between you and the network. Thus, if you give it out, it is no longer the
- responsibility of the ChatSurge/Chatvilla IRC network protect it, although we will be
- watching activity in local channels to protect users from other users and their threats.
- You also agree to follow network rules and general rules given by most IRC networks,
- see "Rules and Guidelines" above for more information on common-sense rules. By
- doing ANYTHING BUT DISCONNECTING, you agree that you will abide by the statement
- given above. It goes without saying that your access to this network is NOT mandatory
- and can be revoked at any time for any reason.
-   Available staff may be contacted in #User_Assistance - Staff may not be active so please
- be patient. If you cannot contact staff in this channel, just ask for a staff member in #main
-   All other questions and comments may be directed to the ChatSurge Forums.
-   ChatSurge Forums Location:
-   Registration is simple and easy, and is required in order to post.
-   Also, keep in mind that IRC Operators are monitoring this network at ALL times.
-   Willing to help ChatSurge's Uptime? Your gratitude in the form of a donation would be
- greatly appreciated. If interested, please PayPal any amount to,
- as it will be automatically forwarded into the hosting of ChatSurge. Donations are obviously
- optional, but are also necessary to keep the ChatSurge network alive.
-   Anyone willing to make a donation will not go unrecognized, and will be greatly appreciated.
- Thank you and enjoy your day.
- - ChatSurge/Chatvilla Staff.
IRCX PREFIX=(qov).@+ are supported by this server
When last indexed, ChatVilla had 34 users in 9 channels.
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