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Geek quote, Posted by FBI on Dec 2nd, 2006, 6:00 pm Score: 0 Vote:
* +Andy burps at WickedKlown
<+WickedKlown> haha
<+Andy> Mountain Dew i just drank
<+Andy> nasty
<+Andy> :D
* +WickedKlown uses his mind powers and stops time farts in Andys mouth
<+Andy> lol
* +Andy uses his l33t sk33ls and stops WickedKlown mind powers
<+Andy> :D
<+Andy> lol
<+Andy> you watching too much star trek WickedKlown
<+Andy> its irc :p
<+WickedKlown> Mwahahahaha "Plants a virius in Andys l33t sk33ls"
* +Andy uses Windows OneCare and deletes the infected virus
* +Andy uploads sexy.exe on WickedKlown computer :P
<+WickedKlown> hahaha you've been infected with the mega wicked virus and you rely on Microsux to fix it
<+WickedKlown> YOUR FUCKED!
<+Andy> lol
* +Andy slaps WickedKlown stop day dreaming
<+Andy> :P
<+Jess> lol
<+Andy> lmfao
<+WickedKlown> ok.. i'll stop emotionaly murdering you now Andy
<+Andy> no :p
<+Andy> np :p
<+Andy> :D
<+Andy> gawd i hate sexy.exe
<+Andy> I feel falling for it
<+Andy> lol
Geek quote, Posted by animesoup on Nov 9th, 2006, 10:20 pm Score: 0 Vote:
<@Token> we will give life to nhjm using a few lines of perl
<@Token> why do we need a real nhjm when we can make our own?
<@Siren> true
<@Siren> all you need is "pie" and "lol" and "....."
<@Token> it cant be hard, just script it to say 'lol' and 'pie' between the hours of 6pm and 1am..
<@Token> or 'face!'
<@BadWolf> but who will correct my spelling!
<@Token> i can put a spellchecker in it, then when it detects a misspelled werd, it can say 'word*'
<@Token> followed by 'lol'
<@Siren> but it has to insult people
<@Token> how about it randomly sets people on FIRE and randomly explodes?
<@Token> or self-destruct
<@Siren> something like that
<@BadWolf> and killing people dont forget killing people
<@Token> making a realistic nhjm cant be too hard...
<@Siren> yeah, but only a real nhjm loves me :(
<@BadWolf> we are pioneers in atificial "intelligence"
<@Token> i can make perl loves you too :)
<@Siren> how can it love me?
<@BadWolf> lol
<@Token> i'll research the logs to see how he shows you affection and emulate it accordingly
<@Token> artificial love ~= love
<+Jack> yea
<@Token> my hand is proof
<@BadWolf> ..........
Geek quote, Posted by mmorris6 on Sep 30th, 2006, 2:50 am Score: 0 Vote:
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> btw
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> I'm going to try and get a couple of ppl in here to discuss ham stuff
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> watch out, there's science content coming
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> you might learn something
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> =P
<%Zorm> oh no, we can't have that now :p
<~TheNoLongerTrustedRoyalPooBah> ;-)
<%Zorm> I'm very very sure educational content on IRC is illegal, its like a capital crime, otherwise you'd see more of it lol
Geek quote, Posted by himbamcky on Sep 29th, 2006, 3:56 am Score: 0 Vote:
<Sage> First off who would use ubuntu its a POS and secondly who in there right mind would use a CHRISTIAN edition
<TheFuzz> wtf there is a CHRISTIAN edition of ubuntu.. wtf
<Sage> yeah
<Sage> its ubuntu but the net settings are strict as fuck and its hard as fuck to crack them and it comes wiht an interactive bible.
<TheFuzz> oh my goodness
<Sage> scarey as fuck eh?
<majnoon> yup and i'm a CHAPLIAN irl :)
<Sage> next thing you knwo there will be Red Hat FOr Christains... god I would really hate to see that one.
<Sage> "We fuck up your system becuase god told us too"
<TheFuzz> lol
Geek quote, Posted by pupz on Sep 13th, 2006, 6:59 pm Score: 1 Vote:
*** whitefox sets mode: +v mute
Geek quote, Posted by bAteseh on Sep 5th, 2006, 3:14 pm Score: 0 Vote:
DjbAteseh : i got the reduction gun out and i put in a random code and then i set the price to 2674 and set it to 50%
DjbAteseh : thats how bored i was
Geek quote, Posted by pupz on May 1st, 2006, 11:03 pm Score: 1 Vote:
* vixen`away is still here lol
<vixen`away> someone ddos me to get me to sleep lol
Geek quote, Posted by ab0rted on Mar 17th, 2006, 11:06 pm Score: 1 Vote:
<Harley> wtf is this shit fri night and noone here
<Harley> DAMN YOU
Geek quote, Posted by pupz on Mar 12th, 2006, 5:36 pm Score: 0 Vote:
sometimes you have to be creative when the word censor is sensitive.
<ChildOfGod> umm
<ChildOfGod> female dog X
Geek quote, Posted by ab0rted on Mar 4th, 2006, 5:57 am Score: 0 Vote:
<&DarkMoon> woops thar she goes
<~ab0rted> i thought u said tar
<&DarkMoon> lol
<&DarkMoon> u been lookin at the screen too long hun
<~ab0rted> tar -xvf woops.tar
<~ab0rted> have not!
<~ab0rted> u know
<~ab0rted> i been thinking a lot at work
<~ab0rted> and
<~ab0rted> i think my brain processes everything in binary
* &DarkMoon chuckles
<&DarkMoon> hahahaha not surprised
<&DarkMoon> my dreams are coded lol
<~ab0rted> ive had dreams of IRC ;s
<~ab0rted> thats scary
<&DarkMoon> lol
<~ab0rted> sometimes it seems in my dreams like im really on IRC
<~ab0rted> and when i wake up i say "wasnt i on IRC just now?"
<~ab0rted> then im all confused sitting on my bed trying to figure out how i got there
<~ab0rted> maybe its aliens
* &DarkMoon lmao
<&DarkMoon> and i thought i was bad :P
<~ab0rted> adopt me and put me on one of their pc's to be on IRC
<~ab0rted> then bring me back
<&DarkMoon> i want to be a bot
<&DarkMoon> lol then i would never have to leave
<~ab0rted> i want to be a cyborg
<~ab0rted> i want to connect to the internet thru my brain
<&DarkMoon> YAY that sounds good :D
Geek quote, Posted by mmorris6 on Feb 21st, 2006, 8:34 pm Score: 0 Vote:
* ~TNLTRPB_[Wireless] is away "BBL -- Homework" Log: on Pager: on
* ~TNLTRPB_[Wireless] is back [1m 32s]
<+ShiNoTenshi> DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI!!!!!!
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> mmm
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> video?
<%duranttrcy> that was some fast homework, TNLTRPB_[Wireless]
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> or just song
<+ShiNoTenshi> that song=awesomeness
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> yah, it's not due until next week midnight
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> online homework
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> :/
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> so I'm not doing it attm
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> :)
<%duranttrcy> i see
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> the laziness factor overrides the homework factor
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> however
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> the homework factor is an inverse function of the time remaining for me to do it
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> the laziness factor is almost constant
<%duranttrcy> i understand completely
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> so when f_homework > f_laziness, homework == getting done
<%duranttrcy> now with the laziness being constant, does the apathy quotient ever come into the equation?
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> well, the apathy quotient isn't directly related to the homework factor
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> the spring_break factor is definitely related to the homework_quality factor though
<%duranttrcy> true, but it can have an adverse effect on the solution, can it not?
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> :)
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> well, the cigarette factor balances the apathy factor
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> and the don't_want_to_lose_scholarships factor completely balances the apathy factor
<%duranttrcy> i was always under the immpression that the spring_break factor would null and void the homework_quality factor exponetially
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> it does
<%duranttrcy> ahhh
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> lim time_2_break -> 0
<%duranttrcy> but the don't_want_to_lose_scholarship factor would balance the entire equation, i see
<~TNLTRPB_[Wireless]> homework_quality -> 0
<%duranttrcy> i get it now
Geek quote, Posted by pupz on Feb 1st, 2006, 11:10 pm Score: 0 Vote:
<ripley> gasp.... i was gonna type wilderness n my fingers typed wildernet ...... :/ ,,,, im definitely on irc too damn much
Geek quote, Posted by animesoup on Nov 29th, 2005, 10:27 pm Score: 0 Vote:
* Look, it's nhjm449_! (
* nhjm449 died (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<nhjm449_> grr
<nhjm449_> fucking router
* nhjm449_ disappears behind a curtain, and reappears as nhjm449
<@vordok> you shouldnt do that to your router
<@vordok> its not good for the ethernet ports
<@vordok> last night was diffrent
<@vordok> that was a hub
Geek quote, Posted by animesoup on Nov 29th, 2005, 10:09 pm Score: 0 Vote:
<@Token> ooooh, i should make an nhjm bot!
<@Token> i think i can make a very lifelike nhjm bot..

>> 4 hours later, the real NhJm returns <<

* Hey look, it's nhjm449! ( #deadfrog
* ChanServ hooks nhjm449 up with some ops!
<@nhjm449> moo
<@nhjm449> lol
<@Token> yanno, you're just too predictable
<@Token> sub on_connect {
<@Token> my $conn = shift;
<@Token> # Moo on connect
<@Token> $conn->join($conn->{channel});
<@Token> $conn->privmsg($conn->{channel}, 'moo');
<@Token> $conn->privmsg($conn->{channel}, 'lol');
Geek quote, Posted by v3|0c17y on Nov 10th, 2005, 1:57 am Score: 0 Vote:
<+Shell> your ass is mine when i r00t
<~ab0rted> good luck with that
<~ab0rted> im on dialup
<+Shell> screw that
<~ab0rted> lol
<+Shell> i rather root a DSl connection
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