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When last indexed, Wonderland-Online had 72 users in 43 channels.
The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.

Project Wonderland.

Our History and purpose to our existence.


The concept of Wonderland began in January of 2005 from the minds of two girls ( Kimi and Michele ) who were tired of being typecast on the IRC servers they frequented. Just because there is a minority of chicks who seem to grasp the technical side of IRC did not mean they weren't in existence, or they weren't willing to learn.
Chances are if the same offers of learning by example were shown to the female populace, allot more girls would be adding their o:lines themselves. After one irritating night of dealing with petty fights, annoying users, and having their opinions ignored due to their sex, the girls were fed up. As soon as Michele suggested their own server, Kimi was game. Wonderland was born.

Kimi and Michele knew exactly what they wanted their server's main purpose to be. ( which you will see in a later conversation) The next hurdle was fairly simple... or so they thought; coming up with a name for their server. Although it seems a simple enough task, it took them almost a full week to pick something out. They were closer to deciding on all their web content then they were on knowing what to call themselves. However, one night Michele was looking for a quote about the wrongness of suicide to inspire a friend to fight for life and found just what she needed for both her friend and her server.

[12:55am] (Michele-CC): but what about a name..
[12:56am] (Satine[A]): hmm..
[12:59am] (Michele-CC): I've got a good theme idea
[12:59am] (Michele-CC): 'Not all those who wander are lost" and Alice in Wonderland
[1:00am] (Satine[A]): Omg
[1:00am] (Satine[A]): YES
[1:00am] (Michele-CC): :D
[1:15am] (Michele-CC): Wandering in Wonderland.

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn�t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn�t be, and what it wouldn�t be, it would. You see?" -- Alice in Wonderland, 1951


Our Wonderland is going to be what other IRC servers weren't for us. That's a goal, to be everything other places aren't.

The next hardest part was figuring out who was going to be involved in Wonderland. They knew they wanted a mostly female staff although having a few guys sprinkled about was inevitable, they didn't want to alienate male users completely! From the very beginning there was only one person Michele and Kimi had in mind, ( and that was without even discussing it ) Which was dear ol' Lowra - another social goddess from multiple servers they frequented. Things were going better then planned for the girls when Lowra's fiance, Arutha climbed aboard the team before they even asked him. :P The best part of it all was he was full of great ideas for the server and terrific when it came to handling forums. ( but let's not forget his expertise working with unix servers! ) Not long after Michele's sister came foward with tons of ideas for the server and it became obvious she would be a great edition to the team. Soon, a #Wonderland channel came into play for the discussion of improvement directly, and indirectly the team relied on the forums Arutha set up for them.

Picking a domain name centered around Wonderland was a bit tricky, as several variations are already all over the net, but thankfully Arutha, Emeric, and Kimi's boyfriend at the time - Jake were full of ideas and was decided upon.

Wonderland has undergone some staff changes since it's original opening. At one point, Koopa and Mitch from a network most of the staff had previously attended were in charge of promotions, each departing the network as staff for seperate reasons.
We picked up Liam along the way for technical management and teachings, and although he was on a month long sojourn in August of 2005, he should be back to teaching soon.
We've also had the pleasure of adding Becca to our staff for Newsletters and Promotions, and with her comes the vast knowledge of years of experience on many irc servers.
Not long after Becca, came Alexandria to help along with promotions and add a new personality to the #wonderland walls.
As for the previously mentioned sister of dear ol' Alice ( chole_morne ), she is working for DamDevil in thier promotions department.

Wonderland-Online is currently linked with LiquidAcid and DamDevil. All owners and staff share in ideas, are willing to lend each other a hand, and have created a unique blend of harmony for all users to enjoy.

When last indexed, Wonderland-Online had 72 users in 43 channels.
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