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When last indexed, URChat had 53 users in 30 channels.

In the beginning...

JD bought the domain and decided to start an IRC network, Before JD had a chance to create a server, JD had stumbled across an empty IRC network running under the domain, JD sat around for days waiting for someone to arrive, but no-one turned up.

He decided to contact the owner of, Talal, via e-mail, He finally got in touch with Talal, and after several conversations they decided to form a joint network, Because ´┐Żone small network is better than two empty networks´┐Ż Not so long after became, then came a few users, but eventually, they had all left Several months had passed and the network was, as before, DEAD!

During this time, JD and Talal had both gone in opposite directions, JD was focused on OzChat and Talal was focused on BAHV, they had both noticed this problem, and once again decided to work together, They had decided for a revamp of the network

Late August 2006, they (JD & Talal) had discussed a few issues the network was having, and decided to start working as a team, and get a domain name that has no geographical influence, and that my friends, is how was created. Since then there has been many users come and go, and the network is starting to pick up a little, hopefully a lot more soon! This network has gone through many quiet times, and unlike most small networks, we are refusing to die off. has a lot of potential, but, as we all know, the only people that can make this network a great place, are you, the users. If you have any feedback, or you would like to contact us for another reason, Please feel free to use the contact form on our website. We hope that you will enjoy our network and invite your friends to help us become a better network! Sincerely JD & Talal, Managers of URChat Network.

When last indexed, URChat had 53 users in 30 channels.
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