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Largest 5 channels / users
#Hub4Ever (17)
#Brasil (13)
#Bots (7)
#DreaMule-Portuguese (7)
#Ajuda (6)

Hub4Ever currently has 195 users in 57 channels.

The Hub4Ever Network was born on 2007' August, from the dreams of a brazilian girl, who desired to keep her friends the closer that was possible.
Since them, the "team" was fighting to bring more and more friends to the Network, and to help it's growth. After a little while, she had the idea of supporting Open Source projects, giving them space for develop new techniques from their user's suggestions and error reporting, wich attracted more users for the IRC.
Among these people, new friends where found, and the network began to grow faster, so, basically, the main attraction and our pride is the FRIENDSHIP spirit that reigns all over!


Hub4Ever currently has 195 users in 57 channels.
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