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What is IRC?
IRC is the invisible elephant in the livingroom. Ask anyone on the street what "IRC" is and you are likely to receive a blank stare as response. Everyone knows what the WWW is. Most people use email, and they visit newsgroups... but IRC? What's that?

Simply said, Internet Relay Chat, or "IRC" is real time communication between groups of people on the internet.

Although you may not have heard about IRC, you probably know about commercial chat systems such as AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo Chat. With their huge advertising budgets, these profiable companies have captured the public eye, while non-profit, all volunteer IRC networks with scores more features and millions more users, have had little to no publicity.

Once you discover IRC, chances are, you will use it. In fact, like the twenty million other people who fill up more than five hundred thousand chatrooms on IRC every day, there is a good chance that once you taste the joys and challenges of interacting with people from every walk of life and every corner of the globe, you'll be hopelessly addicted.

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